About Us


Apoti Lagos is an African Ethnic Wood and Resin Brand that brings luxury out of every. home ethnic product. Our product ranges from wood and resin home decor pieces to every functional item in a home. This brand is a fusion of heritage, creativity, innovation, luxury, artistry and a burst of colour pigments. Apoti Lagos is an expression of the African heritage mixed with the globalisation of the world. Apoti Lagos stands to remind you of the cultural home in a luxurious style. It screams our heritage.



The origin of furniture in African homes began from a bit of wood carved to sit on without a back called a stool. Every piece of furniture you see today started from the stool. Both young and old sit on it and it is easy to carry about from indoors to outdoors. In the Yoruba language, a stool is called apoti. And that’s how Apoti Lagos got its name.

Apoti Lagos was established in 2017 and got registered in the year 2018. We began with creating purely local content; simple furniture with wood obtained from the forest. However, to increase the live usage of wood, we bumped on resin and started using it to seal and protect wood. More discovery came from resin being used for artistic embellishments.

Apoti Lagos transitioned from a solely ethnic brand to a luxurious wood and resin brand.
Our products are now 60-80% local content with the remaining being imported materials for finishing and design. We scream heritage.

While Resin Art may not be our culture, Apoti Lagos sets out to show how the different cultures of the world can form something magical. The resin on wood assures us that we can preserve our culture and heritage forever.


To have a piece of Apoti Lagos in every home in the world. To have every piece capture the buyer’s mind, taste & preference without meeting them.



  • Functional & Aesthetically Pleasing: We believe that any home piece shouldn’t just be functional but also aesthetically pleasing and dazzle all who see it.
  • Longevity: That’s why we use resin to seal up the furniture to last longer and also properly install things. Our pieces can stand the test of time.
  • Quality: Quality is our watchword. We make sure that even though it’s all locally made; the finishings are of high quality.
  • Communication: Our Art pieces are an expression of our thoughts communicated to the end user. Every piece resonates with the buyer. We express the person’s mind, taste, and preference without meeting the person.