Tribal Mark Wood & Resin Tray

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Tribal Mark – The New Aesthetic

This wood and resin trinket tray is one piece from our tribal mark collection. Tribal Marks are scars or patterns that are drawn on people’s skin in a lot of tribes in Africa in the olden days. It is used to identify people from a clan or tribe.

However, this culture isn’t practised anymore in most places in Nigeria and that’s why this collection aims to capture these patterns on pieces with the tagline “Not on faces but on pieces.” Though not many Nigerians would want to have a tribal mark on their face, they can have it on their wooden piece or furniture to preserve culture.

Each piece in this collection has a drawing of the tribal mark, the name of the tribal mark and the Nigerian state it comes from.



Tribal Mark Drawing

Name of Tribal Mark: Abaja

State: Oyo State

Wood – Mahogany
Resin Pour Design: Clear
Material: Wood, Resin
Shape: Round
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Assembly Required: No
Usage: To keep little items in the tray like office items, jewellery and all.

Function: It can be used as an interior decor piece to display ornaments, jewellery, and other decor pieces and it adds a sense of elegance.

Perfect Gift: It can be used as a souvenir and a great gift for your family and friends.

Special Order: You can have the type of tribal mark you want on it.


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